Back in the Groove

Our first convention of the year found us out of our element.  We ventured to Ohio’s Oddmall in Canton.  Boy, were we in for some unexpected events.  We kissed the Mini Jones, sent him to his... Read More

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, Mr. here. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 2016 was quite the year wasn’t it? We launched MJC and in a few fast months, we have turned our passion into something that we are for... Read More

Who Are We Exactly?

So we have been doing this for over a year now and we just realized, most of you guys have no idea who we are and what made us start this adventure we are on.  Enjoy! The Mz. My name is Britney and I... Read More

Our October

We spend hours working on new inventory, our website, our social media pages, etc.  We wake up and The Mistah goes to work and I stay home with the Mini Jones and keep things here at our HQ running s... Read More

We Are Still Here!

Fear not fellow creepies, we are still here and alive and well.  Well, kind of well.  We spent the first couple weeks after our last show making our supply orders and (not so patiently) waiting for ... Read More

We are back!

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Back from vacation, and what a great time we had. Walked on the beach, got a tan, and the little boy was happy playing in the surf. We picked up some beautiful shells, crab claws, and a fully intact g... Read More