Back in the Groove

Our first convention of the year found us out of our element.  We ventured to Ohio’s Oddmall in Canton.  Boy, were we in for some unexpected events.  We kissed the Mini Jones, sent him to his grandparents, and started our journey.  We were somewhat hesitant going into this show, because there was another oddities business two tables down from us.  However, we stayed positive and that Saturday put our happy faces on.  Despite being so close to another vendor, we did exceptionally well.  We were met with positive attitudes and open wallets.  We even sold our beautiful Black Bear skull that weekend.  We made some new vendor friends, customer friends, and fans.  With a great show, comes some issues though.  Our PayPal reader was not working as well as we would liked.  We hope to have that issue resolved before our next trip to Ohio.  Our next convention is in one week.  Horror Realm Con in the DoubleTree Hotel in Greentree, Pa.  We are excited to be back home, hope to see some familiar faces there and look forward to meeting some new ones!

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