The case of the missing purchase

Steel City Con – Day 2

What an eventful day. We had such a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. A lot of products found new homes. The mini Jones was there and got to flirt and see mommy and daddy work. We can’t thank you guys enough. But today was bittersweet as well.

There was an accident with a neighbor’s signage that toppled over and destroyed some of our products, as well as put us in physical danger. Saying we were unhappy is the most polite and professional way I can put it. And while the neighbors paid for the damage, and no bodily harm occurred, we lost those products. We could have shared them everyone and some special person could have taken one of them home. The Mz. and I put so much time and effort into our creations that just selling them has a very real emotional impact on us. To see some of them in pieces shattered on the ground was like seeing our own souls broken in a very real physical form. We had to mourn that loss. And we had to move on.

A lovely young lady came to our booth and made a purchase of a jar of squid tentacles. We could tell she had a very strong connection with them and were happy to chat with her a bit and see her take them with her. Well, a few hours later she came back to our table asking if anyone had returned the bag with her tentacles in them. No, no one had, what happened? Well, she set them down in the ladies room and had lost track of them. She had already reported the disappearance to security, and was hopeful that they might have made their way back to us. At that point we had sold all the other jars, but I gave her one of our few remaining tentacle necklaces as a meager replacement. My heart went out to her. That was a new love for her that was lost. And Mz and I both went searching and asking. Sadly we are still searching for her lost tentacles, and I can only hope my gesture was enough to help mend her disappointment. I think it was.  And after what happened to us with the sign, we all needed a little mending.

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