Gift Certificate FAQ

We now have gift certificates available! Here’s some info on how to get one!



Go to the shop and find the listing for them.  Select your amount and add to cart.  At checkout, just checkout as usual.  Make sure you let us know in the order comments the name and email address of both the recipient and sender, and any special notes you would like added.  You will get an order confirmation email. We will then generate a gift certificate for that special someone.  They will be sent an email with your gift and information on how to use it.  We will then send you an email letting you know it’s all finished.

There are a few steps we have to do on our end so the gift certificate code may take up to 24 hours to generate.  It’s worth it though, we promise!


What if I want the code sent to me so I can give it to them?

That’s great too!  Just let us know in the order comments that you would like it sent to you and we will do that!


Can I get an actual, tangible certificate?

Absolutely!  Let us know in the order comments that would like an actual certificate to give the recipient.  We will make one up and send it to you at the address you provide us.  These will arrive via snail mail, and may take a few days to get to you.  So plan accordingly.


Can I buy one from you at a show or convention?

Yes you can.  We will ask you for the email and name of both the recipient and sender and any special note you would like to add.  They will still take 24 hours to generate, but we will email everyone to let them know it’s completed.


Do they expire?

Nope.  Unless you want it to, but who wants the fun to end?!


Can I add funds?

Unfortunately, no.  We have a generic, manual version of the gift certificate software so we are limited in what we can do.   🙁


Can I choose a strange amount?

You can, but you have to contact us so we can make it so.  As I said above, we have a generic version of the gift certificate software.  We can make one in any amount you would like, just email us at  We will send a PayPal invoice to your email.  Once that is paid we will just generate the certificate for you, just like we would if you bought it through the shop.


Have a question that we forgot to answer?  Email us at or comment below and we will answer it for you!


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