Horror Fan Craft Fair / Flea Market

We just got back from our show at the Horror Fan Craft Fair / Flea Market and were completely blown away. Everyone who visited our table was so amazing. We shared stories, looked at all the wonderful products, watched the little ones with their wide eyes and reaching fingers. By the end of those four short hours, the  Mz and I were actually emotional. See we put our hearts and souls into our work. So much of who we are is shared with so many people, who just moments before were complete strangers. After we packed up and had a late lunch at the diner, the Mz and I took a breath, looked at one another, and gave an “Oh wow”.

When couples go on a date, they make times in their busy schedules to focus on their significant other. There will be a shared meal, a shared event, and shared time. The shows that we go to are the date nights for the Mz and I, and you are all welcome to join us. No, please, I insist. We join together to go out to these many events and they really have become special. There are people who are becoming fast friends, and people who have been friends for years, and people who we know we have to go meet. We know you’ll be there, it would be rude if we didn’t show up. And when you take home a brain or a bone, insect or lizard, you take a bit of us home too.

That’s what it was, really. So much awesomeness today. So much sharing. When we started this venture, we just wanted to share ourselves. Not thinking that there would be so many people just like us who want to enjoy our products. When the Glass Heart left with a wonderful woman, a bit of my heart left too. When the Painted Bat and Jeremiah the Bullfrog went with the bubbly couple, the Mz. got a little choked up.

I know it sounds like little bits of us are going out, and that’s true, but this isn’t a subtractive adventure. It is very much an additive experience every time. The very next words out of our mouths after that “Oh wow” were “We have so much more work to do!” That great energy that was shared today will be taken back to the lab and workshop to be turned into the next great product that you and I will be talking about. That the Mz and I will have poured ourselves into. That you may take home and love and share with all your friends and family. We have to get ready. Steel City Comic Con is next weekend. And I know you’ll be there. The Mz and I are excited to see you there too.

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