Our October

We spend hours working on new inventory, our website, our social media pages, etc.  We wake up and The Mistah goes to work and I stay home with the Mini Jones and keep things here at our HQ running smoothly.  We spend a few hours together as a family and as soon as Mini Jones goes to sleep we go to the lab and start working.  On weekends, we take turns watching the Mini or he goes to visit family and we pick up where we left off.  We spend hours of our lives building this small business up.

We were prepared with more inventory than table space for Living Dead Weekend.  We drove almost 2 hours there, got a room, set up and tried like hell to sell things.  I am not going to lie, I was disappointed when we barely broke even.  I’m not blaming anyone for it.  Maybe we had a higher expectation than we should have.  Maybe we were showcasing the wrong things.  Maybe people just weren’t that into us.  A lot of people had problems that weekend.  We came home feeling defeated but ready to conquer the next show that upcoming weekend.

After fixing the items that needed fixed and repacking our totes, we were off to Monroeville Mall for the Halloween Family Fun Day & Vendor Show.  We set up and instantly started meeting new people, making sales, and having great conversations.  Everyone was so polite.  The promoter came by at least a dozen times to check on us.  The other vendors came by to talk and play with the Mini Jones.  We were told many, many times that we were the most interesting table there.  We had many people ask us about our upcoming shows.  We even had people who saw us at Living Dead Weekend and were excited to see us there in the mall.  We were thrilled to do a mall show.  It helped bring us and our product to people who wouldn’t normally find us.

We took a few days off to enjoy our favorite holiday.  We only have one show scheduled for November.  You can find us at Spirit (242 51st Street, Pittsburgh, Pa) on November 13th from 1-4pm for the Freaky Flea and Offbeat Craft Show.  After that we are taking the rest of November off to enjoy the Mini Jones’ first birthday, Mz. Jones’ birthday and Thanksgiving.  We hope to see everyone at the Freaky Flea and then Steel City Con in December!

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