Steel City Comic Con ~ August

There are still no words I can use to describe the weekend we had.  We are absolutely blown away by the love and support of so many people.  No, so many friends.  Everyone who stopped by those three days left the table as a part of our crew.  Even if they didn’t buy anything.  We went to this convention with a little less product than we wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled so many items went to so many homes, we just always wish we had more.  We could have had a table overflowing with specimens and we still would have thought we needed more.

After that first day, the Mistah and I went home and put the mini to bed.  We stuffed our faces with the Taco Bell we picked up on the way home, and went right down to the lab.  It was difficult, I’m not going to lie.  We had both been up for 18 hours at that point.  I can’t speak for Neil, but I certainly heard the bed calling my name.  We worked hard that night.  We put together some great pieces.  We packed everything up, put a bag together for the mini, and finally at midnight sank into the sea of comfort that was our bed.

6:30 came sooner than we expected.  I hit the snooze button and tried going back to sleep, however the mini Mr. Jones had another plan.  His little voice chanting “Mama, Mama, Mama”, helped us start our day.  That whole morning, I felt off though.  I felt like something not so great was going to happen.  I assumed it was my lack of sleep (well that and the large amount of caffeine I had already consumed) and went on.  When we walked to our table, we were the first people in our little corner.  The neighbor’s sign was off center, in our space, and unstable.  The Mistah quickly readjusted it, and we began setting up our area for the already sold out morning.  I still couldn’t shake the bad feelings.  Halfway through the day, while I was holding the mini Mr. Jones, the 12 foot tall sign from our neighbors table fell backwards into our space.  To say I was pissed is an understatement.  And while I was upset by the $75 in damages to my items, I was more upset by how little our neighbors seemed to care.  Their oversize sign display came inches from hitting me and my son.  I had customers at my table, some with little humans of their own, that had to duck out of the way.  Shattered glass and skulls and wood scattered across the floor.  Work that took me away from my family for hours, in pieces everywhere.  It was only after I told them some of my items broke that they showed any sort of compassion.  After that, the rest of the day was a blur.  I remember going home that night and curling up in bed hoping Sunday would be better.

Sunday was entirely uneventful compared to the rest of the weekend. I did a lot of thinking that day.  Saturday’s fiasco aside, I am extremely grateful that I was able to get a table at Steel City Con.  I am grateful I get to live my dream.  I get to go to these shows and events and meet so many amazing people with incredible stories.  I get to bring the weird and the beautiful to the beautifully weird.  This blog post has gone on long enough.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who comes to see us.  Thank you for being the weird and wonderful you.  Thank you for supporting this morbid, Morticia Addams envying, gal with a basement laboratory full of dead things.  Stay creepy!

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