We Are Still Here!

Fear not fellow creepies, we are still here and alive and well.  Well, kind of well.  We spent the first couple weeks after our last show making our supply orders and (not so patiently) waiting for them to arrive.  We started feverishly working on our new inventory and preparing for our two October shows.  Then it hit.  The first cold of the season hit us hard.  First the Mz. Then the Mini Jones.  Then the Mistah.  We kicked its ass as fast as our immune systems would allow.  Now, we have three weeks before our Living Dead Weekend show and four weeks before the Halloween Family Fun Day & Vendor Show.  Armed with ridiculous amounts of caffeine and the help of family to watch the Mini Jones, we have been and will continue to work around the clock on new products.  We hope to have more inventory than we have table space.  And if we keep at it the way we have been, we should be able to accomplish that.  We hope to see everyone at Living Dead Weekend!  Then we hope to see everyone again at the Halloween Family Fun Day & Vendor Show!  Until then, stay creepy!

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