Who Are We Exactly?

So we have been doing this for over a year now and we just realized, most of you guys have no idea who we are and what made us start this adventure we are on.  Enjoy!

The Mz.

My name is Britney and I am the Mz. in Mz. Jones’ Curiosities.  I place the supply orders, create most of the things we sell, and set up and vend at shows.  I also run a good bit of the website and social media pages and process most of the online orders.  I was stuck in a cubicle for about 8 years working in banking.  I loved what I did.  I still love the friends I made while there.  When my career at one bank ended, I moved onto another bank and a new position.  Days before I started my second banking job we found out I was pregnant with the Mini Jones, but we will pick up on that later.

The Mistah

Neil, is the other half of this operation.  He is the brain to my heart (for those other Awkward Yeti fans out there!).  He is on web design duty, product creation, packing, quality, social media managing.  He’s the heavy lifter at our shows.  He helps me with set up and he is always there vending shows with me.  He is a former funeral director, who worked for numerous funeral homes from Pittsburgh to Philly.  After leaving that industry he came back to Southwest Pa and found work as a quality control specialist at a local steel company.  He is currently working at UPS bouncing back and forth as a driver and terminal worker, and he helps me with our work when he isn’t watching the Mini Jones and catching up on sleep.  He is the reason we started this.

How we met, and why we do this.

We met online.  I was interested in funeral directing and, as a former funeral director, he felt the need to warn me about the industry.  It was love at first sight for me (I didn’t tell him for a while though) and his feelings came shortly after mine.  After a year of dating and learning about each other and vacationing we started talking about the usual relationship things. Move in? Marriage? Kids?  We decided to find an apartment and get engaged and a few months later we found I was pregnant.  The job I had was an hour drive there and two hours back.  I would be away from the Mini Jones for 12 hours a day.  Neither of us wanted that.  So we brainstormed for months.  Do I paint things?  Do I get into a direct sales type of job?  Do I just find a babysitter and keep my job?  When I was starting the “nesting” part of my pregnancy, I was cleaning our oddities collection.  As I was dusting off the framed bat he bought me for Mother’s Day, I started thinking.  He bought me this simple, mounted bat in a glass top shadow box for twice the price that we sell ours for.  That’s when it hit me, “That’s what I need to do!”  Before I even got the words out Neil enthusiastically agreed that I needed to try.  He has the preservation training and I am just one of those weirdos who has studied all things dead and creepy since I knew those things existed.  I could stay home and take care of the baby and still make a living for myself.  So we did it.  And we are still doing it.  And as long as there are people out there interested, we will continue doing it.

I hope you enjoyed the story of who we are.  We love hearing stories from our friends and customers and anyone who comes to our booths.  I figured it was time we let you guys know who we are.

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