Why Do You Work With Animals? And Other Questions

We have recently had a lot of people questioning our company.  We understand people are passionate about animals.  We understand the common response to death is fear.  We know when the two are combined, emotions take over.  We are going to answer some of the questions we commonly receive, without giving away proprietary secrets.

Why do you work with animals?

We work with animals because they deserve a beautiful memorial just like humans do when we die.  We don’t look at what we do as providing people morbid, gory things to display in their homes.  We provide people tasteful accents of science and curiosity.  We memorialize these creatures, who would otherwise be overlooked.  We bring people things and create displays of animals and insects they wouldn’t see if it wasn’t for us.

Where do you get the animals you work with?

We get our animal products from a variety of places.  Some are donated to us.  Some are found by us.  Some are purchased from various companies.  We will not list our sources as we worked very hard to find them and create a professional relationship.  Our butterflies come from a couple who grew an incredible garden and raises various butterflies and moths.  They are only collected once they have lived their lives.  Some of our feathers and snake shed come from a friend who has birds and snakes as pets.  Some of our insects and reptiles come from various pet stores we work with.

Do you kill them?

We DO NOT kill any animals used.  We won’t even accept an animal if we think it was killed for us.  The only time we do accept animal part that were intentionally killed, is if the animal was hunted for its meat.  Once the hunter has taken what they want to keep, we get the rest.


We try our best to make sure people understand that we don’t do this just to make money off people.  Yes this is our business and yes we do make money, however it is more than that to us.  We bring these creatures a lasting memorial to display in your home, office, bathroom, on you neck, etc.  If I wasn’t comfortable having my mother and grandmother seeing a certain item, I wouldn’t make it.  It’s not about shock factor, it’s about respectful, tasteful oddities.  We want people to have a collection of curiosities without having their home look like a butchers shop.  (Unless that’s what their preference is.)  If anyone has any questions we encourage you to please comment here or email us at Mzjonescurio@gmail.com your question.  We don’t want people to get the wrong idea about us and what we do.

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