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Mz. Jones' Curio

Egyptian Myths & Tales

Egyptian Myths & Tales

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Discover a collection of captivating tales in the stunning hardback Flame Tree series. In this series, the Egyptians used their inventive mythology to explain the impact of famine, harvest, floods, and death by creating a pantheon of gods, a concept that continues to captivate us today. These ancient legends, intimately tied to the rhythms of the Nile, are brought to life in this new book through classic Egyptological works and a new foreword. From the birth of creation by Ra, the sun god, to the murder of Osiris and the revenge of Horus, the stories reveal glimpses of the underworld and the afterlife. At a time when humankind was shaping the world, the pharaohs claimed ancestry from the gods both worshipped and fashioned by the people of Egypt.

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