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Mz. Jones' Curio

Gemstones & Crystal Magic

Gemstones & Crystal Magic

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Possessing mysterious and powerful energies that are as old as the Earth itself, gemstones and crystals can enable you to harness the magic that animates life. This practical guidebook is comprehensive and yet suitable for beginners new to the subject. 

Written specifically for Wiccans, pagans, and witches by a modern witch with firsthand knowledge of the occult properties of stones, this book explores their aspects and uses:

  • Their folklore and magical correspondences
  • Numerous spells and rituals, both curses and cures
  • How to use them as amulets, oracles for divination, and tools for healing
  • The proper way to cleanse and "charge" stones

With the aid of this book, you will learn the curative power of gemstones and how to make the homemade gemstone elixirs. You will discover the secrets of using stones to increase your wealth, facilitate clairvoyant abilities, invoke deities, ward off bad luck, and evil influences, draw love to your life, and so much more.

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