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Mz. Jones' Curio

Intention Candle

Intention Candle

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Base Scent

Seeking a little positivity or self-love boost? In need of a custom intention candle with unique scents? Look no further! Choose your base candle scent and up to four inclusions from the list below, and we'll bring your vision to life! If you're uncertain about the mix-ins but know the intention you desire, or if you don't see a specific herb or gemstone on our list, just leave us a note, and we'll do our best to meet your needs! Each candle is 2oz and is made with a coconut soy base and essential oils. To leave us your inclusion selection or intention request please leave us a note in the "Special Order Instructions" box in your cart.

Current Mix-ins

1. Amazonite: Calming, Communication, Balance

2. Assorted Mini Towers

3. Assorted Hearts

4. Green Aventurine: Healing, Abundance, Growth

5. Yellow Aventurine: Balance, Personal Power, Creativity

6. Smoky Quartz: Protection, Grounding, Transformation

7. Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness

8. Garnet: Compassion, Commitment, Hope

9. Pink Opal: Renewal, Acceptance, Love

10. Amethyst: Protection, Purification, Spirituality

11. Carnelian: Vitality, Creativity, Grounding

12. Tiger’s Eye: Protection, Courage, Balance

13. Labradorite: Strength, Transformation, Intuition

14. Rosemary: Cleansing, Protection, Strength

15. Carnation: Friendship, Love, Passion

16. Lavender: Calming, Peace, Protection

17. Feverfew: Cleansing, Purification, Protection

18. Rose Petals: Love, Positivity, Female Intuition

19. Sage: Protection, Healing, Purification

20. Calming Blend: Jasmine, Chamomile, Lavender, Salt

21. Self-Love Blend: Rose Petals, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Salt

22. Raspberry Leaf: Love, Protection, Creativity

23. Peppermint: Healing, Abundance, Prosperity


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