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The Spirit's Way Home

The Spirit's Way Home

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Join psychic medium Natalie Fowler on her remarkable journey of showing spirits the way to the other side so they can be at peace. The Spirit's Way Home gives you a deeper understanding of spirits and their powerful stories of love, loss, and hope. This moving and emotional book is a testament to the power of psychic communication and human compassion. Natalie features personal experiences that not only prove the existence of ghosts, but also reveal profound truths of our spiritual destiny.

Meet the fascinating ghosts of Minnesota's famous Palmer House Hotel and the historical St. Paul residence that housed Forepaugh's Restaurant. Read about the spirit that steals a bag of jewelry before going to a party on the other side. Discover what it's like when a ghostly vacationer follows you back home after a weekend at the lake. Whether she's working with a child who doesn't know she's dead or communicating with a spirit who died in a tragic accident, Natalie Fowler is that exceptional kind of person who can tell you exactly what when bump in the night.

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