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Mz. Jones' Curio

Witches Night In

Witches Night In

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DIY kits help you learn a little about living a magical life! Solo kits contain enough tools for one, while our coven kits include enough supplies for three. See description below for more details on each box. Descriptions below are for solo kits. Coven kits will include everything included in the solo kits times three. Spell Jar Night is only available as a coven kit. We have a variety of solo spell jar kits available in a separate listing.

Tarot Night: Learn the difference between tarot and oracle and how to use them. Each box includes a tarot deck, bag, cleansing kit, and an instructional pamphlet.

Rune Night: Learn the history behind the Elder Futhark runes and how to read them, while making your own set. Each box includes 25 round, wooden disks, assorted paints, paint pens, bag, and an instructional pamphlet.

Protection Wreath Night: Make a protection bell wreath while you learn about why bells are so important for your craft. Each box includes a 4 inch grapevine wreath, twine, chain, a charm assortment, silk strips, and an instructional pamphlet.

Mini Broom Night: Make a mini broom while you learn about what the broom signifies and how to use it. Each box includes broom corn, 6 inch broom handle, wire, twine, assorted charms, and an instructional pamphlet.

Spell Jar Night - Self-Love Blend (ONLY AVAILABLE IN A COVEN SET): Need a reminder that you are an amazing, beautiful creature? Each box will include 3 glass jars, twine, charms, rose petals, lavender, pink salt, rose quartz, pink candle & holder, informational and instructional pamphlet.

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